We bought our house when it was new, and after 18 years, it was worn out and outdated. The value for houses in our area has gone up significantly, so we wanted to ensure that any renovation was a wise investment, and that the finishes would be as high end as the property values in our neighborhood.

Our project resulted in a total transformation, and our home has gone from a standard builder grade house to a gorgeous welcoming happy space. My kitchen is so beautiful that I can’t stop looking at it. The beauty of this kitchen goes far beyond aesthetics; it was designed for a cohesive workflow in the cooking process. This is a well-functioning space for cooking, clean-up, storage, dining and most important, bringing a family together.

The Project: We touched every single room in the house, and Second Nature Interiors helped us make almost every single choice! Completely rebuilt the kitchen and the master bath, refinished hardwood flooring and replaced entry and kitchen tile with hardwood throughout the main floor, replaced all of the original carpets, most of the light fixtures, area rugs, toilets and bathroom faucets. We painted many of the rooms, including all the stair railings, bathroom vanities, and laundry room cabinets. Fireplace areas in the living room and master bedroom were renovated.

Second Nature Interiors: Working with Megan and Korrie was an absolute pleasure. Words can’t express how talented Megan is. Megan and Second Nature Interiors saved me from myself, and taught me that high end finishes can cost just as much (or sometimes less) than low finishes. Megan understands how to make a house look high end within budget and to prioritize the projects that will bring the highest bang for the buck. There were even projects that she discouraged because they would not bring value to the house. Megan is a degreed and certified kitchen and bath designer, and her education and experience showed in the transformed space.

Megan is a savvy designer, who knows which products are out there, and lower priced substitutions that are just as beautiful. She found options that I didn’t know existed, and had amazing ideas that I could not have imagined. Her fee was paid for several times over in the money we saved through design and by avoiding mistakes.

Well done, Second Nature Interiors!

- Michelle’s Dakota Ridge kitchen and Master Bath

Megan has a gift! She came right in to our “hard to figure out” office project with a vision. She can see solutions in her head that we never thought of. And can then 3D render them to help you see her vision. It’s amazing! She listened to us and our needs for our space, found us a fantastic GC and helped us stay on task. The final product is better than we expected. Cannot recommend Megan enough! She’s simply the best!

- Pleasant Street Home Office

“I needed help designing and planning a remodel for our kitchen, dining and living rooms. Megan was amazing! She kept me on track, made it seem easy when I got overwhelmed and was always positive when something didn’t go quite right. She also thought of so many details I wouldn’t have to help tie everything together to give our end result a beautiful, cohesive, homey feel.”
-Judy Lindenmeyer

- Lindenmeyer Remodel

“We bought a house in February of 2015 that needed a total remodel. Megan lead us through the process and made it into a truly stress free event. She was great to work with, responsive and understanding. She proved to be a great resource for products and she has an intuative design sense. The house looks and lives great.”
– Mark Young

- The Young-Boge Home Remodel, Boulder CO

“Megan has an amazing eye for design and is a joy to work with. She not only quickly brings your vision to life, but is able to incorporate and suggest additional ideas that make your space unique and beyond what you could ever imagine. I am 2 years out from our major bathroom remodels – of which we moved walls and had to be extremely creative to maximize the space. Almost daily I think about how calming and amazing these two rooms are. I couldn’t be more thrilled!”
-Greta Hoetzer

- Greta Hoetzer