My Client recaps her first year: Ember Hairstream, Beauty in Motion

What a wonderful tribute to share with you. Jamie and I met at Twig Salon on Pearl street in Boulder nearly 8 years ago. I was running the retail business for yoga and climbing brand prAna. Heather Shine, one of the hair salon’s owners, and her talented team of stylists (Jamie included), created beautiful hair and make-up for prAna retail’s first Spring fashion show inside the Boulder prAna store. Showcasing the new collection were local yoga instructors, climbers, store employees and customers. Twig salon donated products and services in the raffle prize drawings including prAna clothing and donated gift cards from local businesses to support non profit, Conscious Alliance. A hard working organization raising funds to feed those in need. Heather and Jamie continued to support 5 more seasonal fashion shows at prAna during my tenure.

Of course I started going to Twig for my own hair and Jamie and I began our stylist/client relationship. Last year Jamie asked me to design her mobile salon and the roles were switched. As her designer and client I was able to incorporate my own experiences in her salon chair into the design. We had a great time collaborating on the unique challenge of Airstream interior design. The results: An inviting and innovative salon experience.

Recycled leather upholstered walls riveted to the interior create a bright yet soft and luxurious texture. Salvaged Kentucky barn siding offers a contrasting texture with soul. Copper sheet wrapped countertops and a crystal sconce in the bathroom offer a little bling.

My favorite elements of the design? The 1920 vintage barber chair, lovingly restored for straight shaves and fades on the guys, and the wall-hung electric fireplace flickering light, adding warmth and embodying the brand: “EMBER”

I’m so happy for Jamie and her family and loved every minute of this project. Ember Hairstream, the salon that comes to you… Congratulations on a great year!

Sharing from
Jamie Nelson:

“Colorado’s First Mobile Hair Salon

The Ember Hairstream, who we call “The Silver Beauty Queen”, underwent a full renovation in May of 2016. If you are an Airstream lover or enjoy renovation stories or how-to’s, this article is for you.

When you step into the Airstream, it really is a world of it’s own. It’s large enough to accommodate 3 people getting services at once, a full wash station, a bathroom and a kitchen! Let me tell you a little big about how it all started.

With the help of my friends, my husband and my father, we made the Silver Beauty Queen come to life. I am one who believes in all things happen for a reason and to achieve your dreams and your desires, you must listen to that little voice inside your head, telling you “go for it!” And that I did and when I started to listen, my dream happened quickly!

This all started as a small idea that I would dream about, literally dream about while sleeping. I started to journal when I woke up so I would remember my ideas. I took a few business classes and put together a business plan. One morning, something told me to look on Craigslists, and that I did. I instantly found a 1977 32′ Airstream in Casper, WY. For some reason, I didn’t work that weekend and was able to take off right away to see the Airstream. The price was 1/2 of my budget and was already gutted! I couldn’t believe it. I headed home (4 hour drive there, 4 hours home), took money out of savings and headed back the next day with my brother-in-law, who would give it look over and drive it back with his truck.

At this time, I knew nothing about Airstreams, trailers or trucks! I didn’t even have a truck. All I had now was a dream and an empty trailer. As the weeks went on, I started putting more pieces of the puzzle together. My friend’s husband who lives in Oak Creek, CO would oversee the renovation. He knew a lot about building, mechanics and trailers. We would go up on the weekends to help save money and it was important to me to get my hands on building as well.

One of the many perks about my industry, is all the people I meet! One of my dearest clients who I have known since almost the start of my career, designed the inside of the Airstream and construction lay-out. She already knew me so well, knew my style, knew my budget and of course she really cherished my dream. Working with her built a lasting friendship! She is one of the top designers in Colorado now and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her help my dream come true.

My father, who does amazing upholstery work in Denver Colorado, refinished all the walls, chairs and benches in the Airstream. We used over 50 yards of fabric and he put in hundreds of hours!! That right there is a labor of LOVE and I am so lucky and he is beyond talented. The upholstery work gets so many comments in the Airstream.

One of the hardest things to work with on Airstreams are the end-caps. When I bought this Airstream, I didn’t know that and I also didn’t realize this Airstream was missing one side of all the end caps. Since it is vintage, there really isn’t a way to replace these items. At this point in the project, we were completely stumped. We really didn’t know how to fix that area. I woke up one morning with a name heavy on my mind. Something told me to “call Tyler”. And that I did! I had no idea if he even knew anything about Airstreams but I reached out to him. To my surprise, he was totally on board! Within days, he completed the research and was on his way over to create the most beautiful custom end-cap design above the barber chair.

When creating the shampoo area of the Airstream, I said I wanted the most comfortable place to get your hair wash. I wanted it better than any hair wash I have ever had! And that we found! The wash station almost fully lays down and has a nice head rest. I also love aromatherapy and integrated aromatherapy head massage into the hair washing experience.

In a matter of months, we learned how to renovate, hitch a trailer, drive a trailer, park a trailer, operate generators, clean water, dirty water, propane, etc. Did I mention we did all of this while I was pregnant? That sure sped up the time we had to complete the project.

Here we are now, 6 months into business and we are having so much fun! Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped, support and watch this project grow. You are our inspiration to create the first mobile hair salon. We are excited to see where (literally) this Airstream takes us 🙂 Thank you for an amazing 2016.

Jamie “